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The Challenge

tripadvisor is the largest travel site in the world with 315 million active members. It drives the majority of your customers to your venue!

You must ensure your brand stands out, is recommended to others as well as encourages brand loyalty and repeat visits. You must actively engage all customers on tripadvisor.

You need to address customer concerns, capitalize on positive reviews and manage the layout and branding of your property on tripadvisor.

The Solution

We are here for you, the entrepreneurs and the multi-national chains. Regardless of industry, if it is hospitality, tourist attraction, catering, special occasion services, recreation, restaurants or bars; we are here to help!

Mohawk combines TripAdvisor with LinkedIn to ensure that you are maximising your B2B marketing and revenue generation. We make sure you would get the most benefits of your tripadvisor profile page. Together we strategize your communications on the platform, using best practices tailored fit for your industry.

We ensure you would reap all the benefits of your tripadvisor presence and manage it effectively so your brand is one to be reckoned with.

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our specialized services for your needs

Get You Going

We help you create your tripadvisor page if not already set up. If you already have one we would revise it with you and apply best industry practices. Once your presence is set we would upgrade you to Premium level.

Brand and Strategize

We work with you on your branding and communications strategy for your property on tripadvisor. Your brand’s features, benefits, and values would be communicated effectively so members would choose you. We work with you on media, creative, and videos content that can be used to better drive engagement and sales on your TripAdvisor page. We also work with you on running offers and driving bookings.


We will manage all of your replies to all reviews; positive, average and negative for you. We would help you capitilise on positive reviews and turn bad and average ones into your best advocates.

Monitor, Manage and Consult

We will constantly manage all of your brand and page aspects. Monitor, manage and revise your presence on tripadvisor. Essentially, we will do everything on tripadvisor for you so you don’t have to. We ensure to upgrade your ranking. We help you analyse all your data on your TripAdvisor page and make recommendations to you.

Marketing Your Venue on LinkedIn to 550 Million Affluent Professionals

Using the combined power of our sister brand Black Marketing, LinkedIn Engagement (link), we start managing your TripAdvisor page and use your best TripAdvisor reviews to market your venue to business customers on both TripAdvisor and LinkedIn platforms. With this unique and powerful combination, you would be able to reach to business customers on LinkedIn who will look to book your venue for various events, such as corporate hospitality, corporate accommodation, corporate private dining, team building activities or client nights. We help you market your venue to the business community in your country and region through your profile and your company page on LinkedIn and TripAdvisor alike. 

As a bonus, Chris J Reed will also market your venue on his LinkedIn page to his 55,000 1st connections and millions of 2nd and 3rd connections through direct messaging and content marketing. 

TripAdvisor LinkedIn Marketing Packages

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